What card types are available on site?

Digicel & Flow (which includes BFree & Homephone)

What is the lowest denomination that can be purchased on site?

500 Digicel / Flow

Can phone cards be purchased without the use of a card (Visa / Master)?

Currently only Visa & Master cards are accepted.

Does using this platform to purchase phone credit qualify you for promos held by network (Digicel / Flow) providers?

Yes, phone credit purchased on site qualifies buyer to partake in network promos.

Can a transaction be cancelled after a successful sale?

All transactions are final after sale & cannot be cancelled.

What should I do after entering information in required fields but top up was not processed?

Kindly ensure the “Terms & Conditions” option is selected before proceeding.

What should I do if transaction was processed successful but customer did not receive top up?

Kindly check to ensure that correct number was entered. Also, have customer check mobile balance; confirmation texts may be delayed due to network problems.

How soon are top ups applied after transactions are processed?

Top ups are completed within 10-15 seconds.

Is there a way to transfer credit sent accidentally to a correct number?

System does not have an option to transfer credit from incorrect account, however, you may contact network provider (Digicel / Flow) for further assistance.

Can phone credit be purchased internationally for customer living in Jamaica?

Yes, top ups can be made internationally for customer in Jamaica.